Tween/Teen Yoga/MIndfulness

Tween / Teen Yoga / MIndfulness

Foundational Premise

When we learn techniques at an early age for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, we can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive...fostering cooperation and compassion—instead of opposition.

This is a wonderful yet vulnerable stage of life with hormones, emerging/changing chapter in society, along with the stress of too many demands/priorities imposed by our culture, and now…also…Covid.

At times things can become a bit too much to contain and manage.

I work with tweens using Yoga and also Mindfulness techniques and philosophy to help them find answers, support and clarity from WITHIN themselves.  When I combine teachings (movement, breath, meditation and mindfulness) in a customized way to appeal to the personality and specific challenges of the tween or teen I’m working with, they learn to tune in to themselves, better understand their triggers and realize they have the power to recalibrate themselves emotionally.  They start to realize that their mind (which very powerfully determines how they feel) has been running their lives…and that they can influence their minds for their good.

I help them build a tool kit they can resort to in daily living and I have them practice in real life what they learn with me.  In the process they begin to recognize their own power and develop a relationship with themselves.  The self-love they learn feels good and motivates them toward bigger change.  I teach them to have fun and be easy, open and curious as they discover all this and when they start intentionally directing their minds, they start loving their lives more.


Benefits of Tween/Teen Yoga:

Benefits of Tween/Teen Yoga:

  • Helps balance hormones
  • Builds body awareness and self-confidence
  • Creates an understanding of energy in the body, appreciation for the body’s intelligence
  • Builds strength, increases flexibility and focus
  • Detoxifies & oxygenates organs
  • Improves spinal health
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Promotes better execution and results in other fitness and athletic endeavors as a result of enhanced spinal mobility and breath work
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Teen Supine Twist



“Rachel, Jordan is doing great. We have all commented on how she has taken control after an unforgettable summer 2017. Since then and into this year she has gotten back on track.. She did pretty good in school and will be a junior in the fall. We are all happy how she has turned the corner. As parents we hope she will be proactive in continuing using the tools she learned with you. Thanks again for being part of the village that helped Jordan during a very difficult time in her life.”  

~Lamonte A. (father of teen)


"Teen Yoga is part of our daughter’s weekly routine that she doesn’t want to miss! While the physical benefits include increased strength, flexibility and posture, it is perhaps the mental benefits that are most noticeable.  Yoga offers mental balance, calmness, stress reduction and body awareness. Claire has developed a greater appreciation of healthy living that will serve her well in the years to come."

~Shelly P. (mother of tween)


"Every week I look forward to this class! At the end of each session I always feel fulfilled and re-energized. My body is stronger and I've become  more flexible and balanced. It's wonderful!"

~Sonali R. (teen)


Jailyn's sessions with Rachel have helped her fulfill her goal of creating a consistent Yoga practice.  She's not only learned more about yoga and meditation, but also how to incorporate concepts of mindfulness into her daily life.  Thank you Rachel!

~Joy D. (mother of 14 year old)

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